This Tampon Approach Can Make Your Entire Course Gender Worries Go Away

Just about every lady provides her look at if or not
having duration sex
is correct for her. I’m able to talk for days regarding the numerous
health advantages duration sex can provide
. Such as, it can benefit reduce cramps, shorten the duration of the period, plus induce better intimacy along with your companion. After all, bloodstream could possibly get almost everywhere. You simply can’t get anymore personal than that.

Believe me, I can entirely understand why some individuals
don’t appreciate period gender
. If the mess is exactly what’s flipping you removed from getting it in, well, there’s
another tampon choice
going to hit the industry that’s supposed to generate all of your duration gender worries disappear completely.

It’s exactly about menstrual disks.
The Flex Business
developed FLEX, a streamlined, throwaway monthly period drive that can be used for approximately 12 several hours. It really is doctor-approved is secure, simple to use, BPA-free, hypoallergenic, and wont trigger
dangerous shock problem
. On a level brighter note, the mission behind the item is actually a pretty good one.

“FLEX was developed as a comfortable, more satisfying option to tampons, shields, and cups. We got significant issue with all the services and products available to us—but moreover, we had been distressed of the discussions becoming had about menstrual,” Lauren Schulte, founder and President of this Flex business informs Bustle.

Let’s face it. Intervals tend to be an all natural part of all women’s life. It’s something we must all accept. However, there’s nonetheless an unnecessary stigma around it. Because of that, Schulte started FLEX with “a mission to produce good, engaging discussions about ladies’ figures.”

Listed below are five items you should know about about FLEX:

1. It’s An Intravaginal Unit

Schulte learned about
menstrual cups
the very first time in 2014, and had been right away interested in their particular pledge. But she admittedly was frustrated by just how tough they were to insert and remove. By generating FLEX, Schulte looks relieve that problem.

FLEX is actually placed straight in following as a result of the base of your cervix and tucks in behind the pubic bone. This produces a leak-proof seal while making the genital channel free—unlike a tampon or glass, which plugs up a female’s genital channel.

Like a monthly period cup, FLEX accumulates in the place of absorbs the menses. However, one of the keys huge difference is its worn during the base of the cervix versus within the vaginal canal. This allows for atmosphere to circulate freely, which will help decrease cramping. As an important advantage, it will likewise allow for intercourse while using it.

2. It Is Disposable And May Be Used Around 12 Hrs

Moreover it holds between five to eight tampons of liquid. Which means you merely need to change it out about once or twice everyday. It does not soak up like a tampon, so that it will not result in bacterial infections or TSS.

3. Mess-Free Course Sex Is Actually An Additional Extra

FLEX easily markets it self as “a new type of product for mess free period gender.” But Schulte and Head of Growth, Erika Jensen, had bookings promoting it as these. After experiencing suggestions from lots of its early people, they learned that many individuals just who decided on not to ever be romantic during their period for whatever reason, responded positively to something that could allow them to have intercourse during their period.

“FLEX allows lovers whonot have previously got duration intercourse a chance to mention it and check out it,” Schulte states. “And for those who are who have been currently comfortable having period sex (including you), FLEX conserves all of our white sheets and permits us to enjoy the second much more, instead of working into bath.”

4. FLEX Is Focused On Serving Girls Alternatives

Relating to Schulte, 85 % of women which decide to try FLEX for the first time want to switch to what they are offering full time. While ladies have actually responded very well toward 12-hour leak-free security, cramp reliefs, and disposability, Schulte claims top supplement they get is FLEX is actually “very comfortable they skip they can be on the duration when putting on it.”

While that’s fantastic, Schulte and Jensen eventually wish to supply ladies with option.

“women can be smart,” Schulte states. “that is the real point. We wish to offer females an alternative choice. Very, if they’re like you and detest the options on the market today, they can change completely from tampons to FLEX.”

5. Possible Preorder Them Today

You’ll be able to subscribe to pre-orders nowadays at
The FLEX Company site
. Totally free types of this product are currently being provided, susceptible to availability of course. They begin shipping this product in September.

“We think that a lot of stigma about ladies intervals is actually powered by diminished knowledge. Therefore we believe women can be yearning to feel more comfortable throughout their durations, hence better products, engaging talks, and a deeper understanding of her human anatomy can establish positive modification,” Schulte says


“ladies invest nearly one fourth of these everyday lives menstruating, incase we can help to make ladies feel even somewhat much less ashamed about her body during this time, we have now achieved the mission.”

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