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Low-maintenance concrete driveway that boosts the curb appeal of your home

It wasn’t long ago when deciding on a driveway material was easy: asphalt or concrete. Today, the “concrete” choice has expanded to include an astounding array of decorative options. Sometimes referred to as a cement driveway or as painted concrete, decorative concrete is one of the most reasonable ways to spruce up the entrance to your home.


How thick your driveway should be. 

Thickness is the major factor (even more than the strength of the concrete) in determining a driveway’s structural capacity. Place concrete at a minimum thickness of 4 inches. Increasing the thickness from 4 inches to 5 inches will add approximately 20% to your concrete cost, but will also boost your driveway’s load-carrying capacity nearly 50%.

Also, consider thickening the edges of the driveway by 1 or 2 inches to provide additional structural support in the area most likely to be subject to heavy loading. The thickened sections should extend in from the slab edge 4 to 8 inches.

Using steel reinforcement will provide additional structural capacity for your driveway and is especially important if the slab will be exposed to heavy traffic. Reinforcement won’t prevent cracks, but it will help hold them together if they do occur.

Your local soil conditions and weather patterns may also require a thicker driveway slab.


Using stains to color and enhance a concrete driveway taining is an economical and highly versatile way to upgrade the look of both new and existing concrete driveways. Stains penetrate deeply into the concrete surface, producing fade-resistant, permanent color that will not flake off or peel away. A stained concrete driveway is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal. Adding color to your newly poured driveway, or existing surface can make a big difference in its appearance.


  • Permanent – Stains penetrate your surface for long-lasting, permanent color
  • Versatile – Designs are limitless and can complement other decorative choices
  • Cost – Stains are a cost-effective way to get a high-end look for your driveway


  • Transparent – Most stains are semi-transparent and will not cover any imperfections in the surface
  • Imperfect – Stains can take to different concrete slabs differently and may not be consistent with the coloring
  • Not an easy DIY – Staining is not an easy process for taking on as a DIY project, and should be done by a contractor for the best results.


Design versatility, durability, and easy maintenance make concrete pavers a good choice for a driveway

Concrete pavers are one of your best choices for a new or replacement driveway if your goals are design versatility, durability, and easy maintenance. They are comparable to stamped concrete in terms of design options and durability, with the added advantage of easy, seamless replacement if repairs are ever necessary.

A paver driveway can also be driven on immediately after installation installation, unlike poured-in-place concrete. Concrete pavers come 


Using stamps to add pattern and texture to a concrete driveway

A stamped concrete driveway offers many decorative options not possible with other paving materials. Using stamps combined with coloring agents, you can create cost-effective, realistic replicas of popular materials such as cobblestone, brick, natural slate, and flagstone.

  • Affordability: Gives you the look and feel of natural stone, brick or pavers for less money
  • Durability: Stands up to weather and heavy traffic for years when sealed and maintained properly
  • Versatility: Offers many pattern and color choices to make your driveway visually appealing

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